Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent Calendar 2010: December 3 - Christmas Tree Ornaments

I remember very little about our Christmas tree ornaments. I know we had them and I know they were glass, but I don't think I could describe a single one. I did buy some a couple of years ago that reminded me of some tiny baubles from my childhood and Karl said his family had the same type too, but even they are rather generic.

I do remember one year Mum decided to spray paint some pomegranate shells and we had to remove the seeds very carefully with a pin and leave all the inner membranes intact. The shells were then dried and spray painted gold. I don't remember being very impressed with them, sorry Mum!

Another decoration I vaguely remember was a paper bell. It was made of tissue with a cardboard cover that closed like a book. When you opened the cover all the way until it was inside out, a beautiful honeycomb of tissue created a fully 3-dimensional bell. This was big - maybe 8 inches tall - and was hung from the ceiling where the swags of paper chains met. There were more than one of these - I remember yellow and red - but cannot recall if both were bells.

We didn't have candy canes on the tree but we did have little foil wrapped chocolates that hung from the branches - what a treat it was to be allowed to eat one of those!